Addictable | The Future of CX- Growing Beyond Surveys
Addictable uses AI to increase customer loyalty without the use of surveys
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Surveys are holding back CX

The Future of CX- Growing Beyond Surveys

“The instant we have a technology to minimize surveys, I’m the first one on that bandwagon.” -Fred Reichheld

When Fred Reichheld, father of Net Promoter Score, acknowledges the inadequacy of surveys to little-or-no effect within the Customer Experience industry, that is a problem.

This one-question-to-rule-them-all method showed promise when it was introduced–if a customer considered themselves likely to recommend a brand to a friend, then it was likely the brand was in good shape.

That was in 2003.

Fast forward 14 years and more brands than ever are asking customers to respond to “one quick survey after the call.” Or, to call a number on a receipt. Or, to respond to an email. The list goes on. Global survey company SurveyMonkey estimates it helps its clients collect more than 3 million survey responses daily. Fatigue much? It is no wonder response rates keep plummeting.

Check out this steady decline from Pew Research, showing the twenty-year trend in failing response rates.

That’s right, survey response rates hit the single digits just five years ago. Yet, survey use remains prevalent.

………Does that seem odd to anybody?

Just us? Okay.

Can’t see the forest for the trees.

If brand growth through customer loyalty is the goal, then why all this talk about survey performance? Sure, we get it–we all understand what surveys are supposed to do, but what if the effort in launching a successful survey program is actually distracting you from focusing on what really makes a difference to your customer?


Surveys as a vehicle to understand and delight your customers, is failing:

  • 66% of customers prefer to give feedback by actively reaching out.
  • Nearly three quarters (72%) of consumers said surveys interfere with the experience of a website.
  • 80% of customers have abandoned a survey halfway through. 52% of customers said that they would not spend more than 3 minutes filling out a feedback form.

This is because understanding your customer goes beyond asking them what they think.


surveys fail customer experience initiatives

Perhaps, rather than asking them what they think they want, you could simply give them what they truly crave.  

Behavior says more than surveys

For years your customers, through their behavior, have been telling you what they really want. AI has finally advanced to a point where your data helps you hear them without asking.

“It sounds logical to ask customers what they want and then give it to them. But they rarely wind up getting what they really want that way.” -Steve Jobs