Addictable | Go Home Surveys, Nobody Likes You
Addictable uses AI to increase customer loyalty without the use of surveys
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Go Home Surveys, Nobody Likes You

And now for the bad news…
[If little eyes are reading, please cover them for a minute.]

There is no Santa Claus.
There’s no Easter Bunny, either.
Also: Surveys don’t provide actionable insight.

I know. I suck. I mean, who doesn’t want to believe in the Easter Bunny?

But while brands have invested heavily in the myth that sampling+surveys+stats could offer a snapshot of customer sentiment, the customers themselves are getting tired of it. Now that survey prevalence is at an all-time high, their nuisance is impossible to ignore.
Rather than saying, “We’re listening,”  a survey prompt after an otherwise positive brand interaction comes off as a lack of consideration. Instead of measuring loyalty and enthusiasm, it has a tendency to dampen it.

Maybe I’m wrong. But let’s consider the following scenario:

After working to serve and delight your customer, your brand pesters them for a favor. 
The same favor every other brand is requesting. 

The result? Less than a 2% response. 

And what do you really know now that you didn’t know before? 
Do you seem any more innovative or customer-friendly or intuitive to your customers?

Sure, a majority of the industry is doing it. And who could blame them – you need to reduce churn and increase loyalty, and customer sentiment is an important part of that.
Or at least, it seems like it should be. And asking customers if they’d refer your brand to a friend is said to be the best way to know if they love you, like you, or wish you’d go away.

But what if instead of trying to predict customer behavior based on a peek at a sample set of sentiment, you could base it on their actual behavior, instead?
What if you could get some of that fancy Artificial Intelligence everybody is talking about to look at your data and provide insights you can actually act on?
Insight that can turn customers into fans, without needing to turn them off in order to get there.

Chances are you already have the data you need in order to use AI to predict customer churn and gauge loyalty more quickly and accurately than ever before.