Addictable | NPS Sans Surveys
Addictable uses AI to increase customer loyalty without the use of surveys
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Whether you’re launching a Net Promoter Score strategy, suffering through one, or in the process of transitioning out, Addictable has a solution for you.



We know that new initiatives take time. Even if you see the vision of how Predictive Analytics could someday replace surveys, or even NPS, it takes a while to get the powers-that-be to agree

Which is why we offer the MOST-LIKELY-TO-RESPOND Model.

Our Robots will sift through your data, and identify the nano-patterns that correlate with a willingness to fill out a survey. They will then build and deliver a model that you can run any time you are about to launch a new survey to a group of customers. Your response rates will improve dramatically and you will become a hero in your organization.

In many cases, you can reach 50% of your future respondents by reaching out to only 10% of your customer base.

Your response rates will improve dramatically and you will become a hero in your organization.



Sick of surveys, but unable to free yourself from their tyranny?

You should try our Survey-Free PROMOTER IDENTIFICATION Model.

This custom-built model allows you to scour through your existing data

to identify Promoters, Detractors, and offers an accurate overall score.

All without a single survey.



It’s time to fight unsight. It’s time you had actionable insights that truly lead to customers that can’t get enough of you.

With the LIMITLESS LOYALTY custom model, you can.

This model does more than predict churn, it prescribes, at an individual level, what you can do to keep each customer hooked.

With Addictable’s Limitless Loyalty model, you can turn detractors into fans, and fans into your biggest marketing asset.

Curious? Contact Us.

Our humans are intelligent and capable. Have a conversation with them, and discover the model best-suited for you.